Monday, December 7, 2009

The End & The Beginning

Here comes December, I think it’s time for me to clear my “blog debt” before the snow ball effect kicked-in. Honestly I just don’t know how to start this entry and trying to B.S. something out of nowhere.

Let’s start with what I’ve done this year.

Join my current employer for slightly more than 1 and a half year. It has been quite a challenging year for me in my career, learnt a lot and progressed. Looked through my 2009 project folder, I’ve been given plenty of chances to get involve into some very high-profile projects in year 2009. Among (few that I can mention) are Amarin Wickham, Seni Mont Kiara, ZHEN Bukit Pantai. It’s very satisfying to look-back the progress of each project until they’re completed.

From Portfolio
One of my favorite loose feature I've created this year

Also went to few destinations for my escape in 2009. Although there’s some hiccup in each and every trip but overall they’re all more than rewarding. Places I’ve went this year are Penang during CNY with family, Langkawi with Louisa and second visit with SK, Koh Samui with my office colleague and Bangkok.

From Bangkok

The Bangkok trip is particularly interesting one. It was suppose to be a trip with my “old-yet-not-so-close” friend. We know each other back in Liquid period; do your calculation if you want to know how long we’ve known each other. It turned out that there’s some mate of mine that we always party together in all kind of fashion and lifestyle events are heading to Bangkok during the same period too. On top of that, one of them is temporary living in Bangkok and been living in Bangkok for months prior my arrival. So my trip suddenly became a holiday with some glam friends together with privileges that I used to getting in KL.

From Ko Samui 09

I’ve been in a “dry season” since I broke-up with “him”, I’m not too sure if this is long or not. No sex, no date and nothing at all. Not that I can’t let him go or anything silly like that but I just don’t find anyone has the quality or attraction that I’m seeking for, at least that’s what I thought. Until very recently, I met this person in Bangkok and followed by another one in KL. They both somehow has the charm the making me smile and let me liking them a lot. After did some quick research about the guy I met in KL. We’re actually living in the same social circle. There are events that we both attended but how could I not noticing his present all these while? I guess there’s one thing in my life that I can’t change – being snobbish.

Speaking of snobbish, you might think I’m should adjust my attitude. Allow me to defense myself a little here. It’s not my fault for being almighty and thinking I’m much superior to others, there’s way too much “indecency” going on right in the city. I’ve got involved into couple of event organizing work this year and to my upmost surprises, Malaysian has degraded to an extreme where everyone is buying LV, Gucci or Prada without knowing why are they being expensive as long as they can effort them and worse, not knowing how to pronounce these luxury brands properly. I’ve frequently bump into person who pronounce Prada as “pla-da”, Gucci as “gu-ji” and my most iconic experience was in Bangkok. I was with a friend of my friend walking into Siam Paragon from BTS station, stumbled right in front of us is Pucci outlet and he straight away scream “Ew! There’s Gucci and Thais make Pucci”. I was speechless for a moment and choose to forgo what I just heard.

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It’s sad to see I’m surrounded by people who can’t speak proper languages; I don’t expect everyone to speak in American accent, British accent, like how Taiwanese or Chinese speak Mandarin or Hong Kong speaks Cantonese but at least make an effort to construct your sentences properly before you actually speak it out.

Sorry for dragging so far away, let’s come back to the topic here – what I’ve done this year. Other than what I’ve mentioned above. I got quite active in GLBT scene this year, solely by accident and I like what I’m doing, organizing events, making gay movement and etc. Also I’ve finally took my step in weight training seriously during middle of the year and the transformation is fabulous. Unfortunately, due to my mother condition I always get caught between work and home, as well as financial dilemma so my fitness regime has to be put on hold. Regardless, I’ll make sure my fitness regime is my utmost priority of my 2010 resolution.

Well, I guess that’s pretty much the highlight of me in 2009. Hopefully, 2010 will be a great year ahead which will cherish and nourish me to be who I want to be. Looking forward of making my full 2010 resolution and planning soon.

PS: My birthday is just 3 days away from now ;)

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