Sunday, May 30, 2010


Once again, I've been slacking in my entry for a really long time...I think my life is in actually such a roller coaster ride between this entry and the previous entry which is just a few months away. There's so much is going on in life. I'll try to summarised it here.

Shanghai world expo has started a month ago, I was actually planned to be the first few visitors to arrive at the expo on the second day of the opening but it got scraped because of work. I've applied a 1 week leave from my office for this very much anticipated trip yet I have to cancel it, it's such a big disappointment to me.....anyway, my flight still has about 2 months of validity from now....

On personal side, I've lost 10 KGs of weight in pass 6 months simply because I don't have time for gym anymore. I thinks I'm literately has no life at all besides professional life at current moment. Back to my weight issue, it's very frustrating for a fact that it's almost impossible for me to gain weight! No matter how much I eat, it won't help. The only viable way for me to put on weight is to gain muscle mass, which is not that easy at all. Commitment I've made to the gym are huge, the money, the time and effort I spent on is something I'd never imagined before I actually got into it. Sadly, all my effort has gone down into the drain. As soon as I stopped gymming, the body just metabolite every single additional cells under my skin into thin air.

Plenties of people around me, especially my personal friends tried convince me to leave my current office for a better work, life balance. They never succeed in it because I enjoy working there although it consume me away and also I sees a lot of potential in this office in current and future. It's where I started my professional development, they've been a great support, platform, mentor, teacher and everything in helping me to become a real significant player in my industry. For that matter, I somehow developed a sense of belonging to this office. Until recently, something struck me very badly and I wanted to submit my resignation letter but it didn't went too well, I'm still stuck in the same office as I was since nearly 3 years ago....

I've been desperately wanting a really good holiday or a break, as I've mentioned in my much earlier entry. This long weekend seems to be a prefect break for me loose myself and found my old self back. Had lot and lots of party and alcohol, in a healthy way since I can't party as hardcore as I was in college time anymore. Got myself a room in Hotel Maya to facilitate this party weekend, it felt nothing better than living in my old lavish, expensive spoiled brat life. Have glass and glasses of martini, checked into the most expensive room a hotel can offer, have a bottle of Moet Chandon and flush half a bottle of them into the drain, eating niching but not any lower fine food (although the dinner at a Korean restaurant last night was truely disappointing one) and most importantly to have a good company with me to share the life with. I think all I need now is a good rest and sleep to recover myself, mentally prepare myself to go back into my reality in less than 24 hours from now.....

Anyway, in short I think I'm still living in fab lane and call me self-delusional or anything you want, that knowing that comfort me a lot....

Till my next entry, bless me please ;)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I think I've reached to a point that I'm feeling upset about what I'm doing right now.

I know I'm still new in my industry and tremendous opportunity has fall on my shoulder. I should be proud of what I'm doing right now but I'm not too sure if I can handle this anymore. Worse, I'm not too sure if this is what I want for my future anymore...or maybe all I need is just a good break to refresh my passion toward the design and architecture?

Okay, enough of rambling. I shall get back to work. I'll pen more stories here as soon as I have time to do so. There's a recent incident strike me very badly, I'll keep that for my next entry anyway :)

Till then, bless me please.