Friday, January 2, 2009

#5 Holiday !

First day at work in 2009 is rather an extremely unmotivated one. Tons of work load are pilling in front of me but I’ve been slacking since the moment I place myself on my station.

Besides day dreaming, chatting, browsing internet and doing my drawings in “slow motion”. I also booked my flight ticket to Sipadan just now. It was a planned trip with him but now that he has left me, I’m going to take the trip by my own.

Not sure what I can expect from it by flying alone and stay on the beautiful beach all by myself but I wanted to go and I am going.

This is not the first time I travel alone. In fact, most of the time I spend my holiday plan alone. I found it is quite hard to actually gather some friends or even one to spend a holiday together, away from where we are.

At certain extent, I think I’m a very fortunate person when comes to socializing and people. Since I was a kid, I always met fascinating people who help me, nurture me to be who I am now and bring me further in the future. Even in this period which I’ve cut off all my contacts back then when I was still with him, friends that I know are somehow coming back to me. I didn’t contact them at all, I’m still in denial that he has left me although I needed someone to be around and hold me through then they appear right in time. I met some of them at places that I always at but never met them before, some called and some unexpectedly pop in front of me.

During my past trip of vacation that I went alone, I was able to met interesting people around the town and hotel I stay too. Be it locals or foreigners like me. I believe this coming trip will be like any of those scenarios too.

I thank everyone that I’ve met and know through my 21 years of journey of life. Whether you’re still in part of my life or not, all of you’ve been the greatest support to hold me in crisis and brought me to where I am now. I believe all of you will make me to be someone even better in years to come of my life.

Thank you my friends, my loves, my tutors, my teachers and everyone has left their footprint in my life. Bless me please.